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Daihatsu Passenger Cars

Daihatsu Passenger Cars Daihatsu Motor is a Japanese car manufacturer that mostly known for the range of off road vehicles and smaller models. It also known as the oldest Japanese car manufacturer that founded at March 1, 1907. As the old car manufacturer, it has the wide range of portfolio from passenger cars, commercials, three wheeled trucks and racing cars. And for the passenger cars itself, its design has been […]

Daewoo car

GM Daewoo to Lead Automotive World

GM Daewoo to Lead Automotive World If we talk about South Korea, it is sure that most people will know it for the pop culture that makes this country famous. There is no doubt that people from all over the world know that South Korea is a country which is filled with beautiful and handsome young people who dance and sing well. Even so, it is not the only quality […]


Benz and Essential Things about the Company to Take Note Of

Benz and Essential Things about the Company to Take Note Of When it comes to the most popular vehicles, the ones from Mercedes Benz are certainly amongst the vehicles in the category. The manufacturer is a German manufacturer and it constitutes a multinational division of Daimler AG. It is a considerably popular manufacturer that has produced varied types of vehicles including, for example, luxury automobiles. The luxury vehicles that the […]

A90 Atlantic Saloon

Austin Classic Car

Austin Classic Car For you who loves classic car, Austin car is the best answer for your collection. Founded in 1952, this car has built for luxurious and class for car in their era. This British Car company was popular and famous in around the world. The car classified with small cars, small family cars, large family cars, large cars, limousines and landaulettes, and sport car. Sport car of Austin […]

daimler cars

Daimler Supertruck 2015

Daimler Supertruck 2015 New Daimler Supertruck is offered to you now. This supertruck is suitable for all of you who need powerful truck that gives you profit in your cargo business or other types of business. The design of this new supertruck really impresses all people who look at this truck. There are some additional features that added in this new powerful truck. This supertruck offers extraordinary performance and you […]

Audi Abt Q3

A Darling among the Car Line-ups: The New ABT Q3

A Darling among the Car Line-ups: The New ABT Q3 It is not very common to see Volkswagen engine being used for economic reasons by many people, aside from the TDI 2.0. However, Abt Sportsline shows how being economical does not necessarily mean it is always with fun. It comes back with a new model for the “Q” series, Q3 with an economic engine and a powerful performance. At the […]

XF Euro 6

DAF XF Euro 6

DAF XF Euro 6 DAF or DAF Truck is a truck manufacturing that founded in 1993. But as a Dutch truck manufacturer, the history of this company has been started since 1928. Along the operation, this company has produced many trucks and cars. But anyway, the most successful product from this manufacturer is the truck. One of the most successful truck from DAF Truck is DAF XT. The lineup of […]

datsun hatchback

Best Compact Family Wagon – Datsun Go Plus

 Best Compact Family Wagon – Datsun Go Plus For all of you who are looking for best family wagon, you just need to check Datsun Go+ ( Datsun Go Plus ). It is first family wagon in India and most people are looking for this car now. There are some interesting things that you can find in this car and you don’t need to worry because this car is made […]

Zenvo Devon ST1

Classic and Modern Devon

Classic and Modern Devon Initial product created by Devon is Devon GTX. This product was unveiled in 2009. This vehicle has a combination of classic and contemporary designs. The distinguishing feature of Devon GTX is more quality carbon fiber and advanced. In addition, this vehicle is more focused on the door, which surrounds this vehicle wheels, dual exhaust, and fiber racing seats. Classic Devon Devon classic car that is loved […]

klassen automobile

Klassen by GmbH

Klassen by GmbH Everyone already knows that Germany is a country which has quality on the first place. If you are looking for something which is durable, it is much better for you to buy something which is made in Germany. It is believed that everything made in Germany is great for the quality. It makes sense if people are looking for Germany stuffs instead of other countries’ made. It […]